A client called last week and wanted help.  The client had filed a Petition for a Name Change due to sex reassignment medical procedures and asked me how to get the sex changed on the birth certificate in addition to the name change.  My response was haven’t got the foggiest idea, but I will sort it out.  The court date was two days away.  This person didn’t want the complications of living as one sex and having a birth certificate specify a different sex.  The client wanted my help to make things go smoothly.  I said yes I would help and did my research.  It turned out to be simpler than I thought.

In Nevada there is a code section which provides for the Department of Vital Statistics changing the sex on a birth certificate if a court orders it.  The DMV has a form to change the sex on your driver’s license you need is a letter from the appropriate doctor.  The State Department has a form so that the sex on your passport matches your sex, you need a supporting letter from the appropriate doctor.

Long story short, In the process of physically changing your sex you need to get your forms of identification changed also.