A few weeks ago an acquaintance had to move out of a home quickly.  They were living in a nice rental home.  Unfortunately, their landlord lost the house to foreclosure and the tenants were forced to move out at the last minute.  They told me what had happened after the fact.  My initial reaction was that had they called me when they got the notice to leave, I could have gotten them at least 30 days to find a new place instead of them having just a few days.  They may also have a cause of action against their landlord including fraud, which is not dischargable in bankruptcy.  Which brings up a related matter.  I tell people that attorneys, me, are handy critters to have at the other end of a phone call, email or text.  If someone contacts me with a question I may be able to answer it with quickly or we may need to have a formal consult in my answer.  If I can’t help I will refer them to someone who can.