How to Get Divorced Quickly

A question that comes up from time to time is how do I get divorced quickly?

In order to get divorced quickly both parties must:

1)      Have a desire to not fight,

2)      Have professional attorneys who want to get the divorce over with quickly

3)      Know the law as to division of property and assets, child custody and child support, and

4)      Know what their assets are.

The first two elements are the most important.   The divorce will be lengthy and expensive if one party wants to fight.

The important thing to remember is that Nevada is a no fault state, that means infidelity is not relevant in a divorce, unless it affects a person’s ability to parent.  Also remember that there just because parents have different parenting styles does not mean that the other parent is a “bad” parent.

The best way to get divorced quickly is to offer the other spouse what they are entitled to under the law.  The law requires that all things being equal or close to equal that assets be divided equally and the parents share joint legal and physical custody of the children.

There are of course exceptions to the above, such as if one party can’t work or has less earning power than the other spouse, a child has special needs, the parties don’t live close enough to each other to share joint physical custody or there is a specific reason why joint physical custody is not in the child’s best interest..

While many people file Joint Petitions for Divorce and it is faster to do so, I recommend each side have their own attorney to ensure that everyone’s interests are protected.